Remind everyone by email is the simplest group reminder service ever created. Send an email to your team/friends/family in plain English and cc us. We'll automatically set a reminder and email everybody one day before the event.
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No registration. No spam. No cost, it's free.
Send an email to Make sure the subject line is clear, e.g. "School Play on Wednesday at 7pm" or "Renew license on April 2nd"
We send a confirmation that your email is received and your reminder is set.
One day before the event, we will send you an email reminder.

There is no step three.
...or, even easier...
You can also use within a group. When you send the original email out, for example "Dinner at my house on Friday at 7pm", simply CC - Everybody will receive a reminder email the day before the event. How easy is that?
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"I love this service. Whenever I receive an email from my kids' school, I simply forward the email it to I have never missed a school event since. So simple! Thank you!" Tracy, New York
"I use this at work. After a meeting I send out the meeting notes with action items on it to my team. I always send a copy to so that we all get reminded when the deadline approaches." Dan, San Francisco
"I started using the service a few months ago to remind myself of my chores (Dentist appointment, car service, etc). It's been a blessing." Manesh, Anaheim
"Love the simplicity." Misha, Bradford, UK
"I use it to keep my family organized. I mean, everybody is always on email, so getting a reminder email is the easiest way to get their attention :)" Kirstin, Philadelphia